English to Japanese Kanji translation services

English to Japanese Kanji translation services
Kanji (漢字 (kanji), か ん じ) is used in Japanese kanji. Kanji is one of five sets of characters used in Japanese writing system today; The other four characters are hiragana, katakana, Latin alphabet (romaji), and Arabic digits.

Japanese elementary school students are taught and try to grasp the basic 1,006 kanji characters in “Kyoiku kanji” (教育 漢字) before the end of sixth grade. Ordering learned characters were changed. Kyoiku kanji list is part of a larger list includes 1,945 Chinese characters called “Joyo kanji” (常用 漢字) – these are the characters need to be able to grasp the good reading Japanese books. Japanese students often catch bigger list before the end of ninth grade. Primary students learn these characters by imitating and learning sets.

English to Japanese Kanji translation services

The students learn Japanese as a foreign language to learn kanji that usually does not get ahead of vocabulary related to them. Therefore, the solution to these practitioners are very diverse, from the method of imitation, memorization, or the method to be easy to remember, such as taking pictures, or how to think. The Japanese students who speak Vietnamese are often trying to memorize the Vietnamese transliteration of Chinese characters (except those by Japanese kokuji invention) so easy to guess that the words are written in that character, or some of the features of learners as learning Chinese.

The Japanese government launched the exams “test laboratory” (Kanji kentei), stands 日本 漢字 能力 検 定 試 験 (Nihon Kanji noryoku kentei shiken means “Check the capacity to grasp kanji in Japanese” ) to test the ability to read and write kanji. The highest level of this exam test in the range of about 6,000 kanji.

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