Malay translation services

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With its position as the 3rd largest economy in Southeast Asia, Malaysia’s economy has much impact on the countries in the region, including Vietnam. The most visible is the increasing number of Malaysian companies choose Vietnam as investment destinations and new markets in recent years. In the current age of globalization, the need to expand into international markets is inevitable, but it also requires businesses to have an understanding of the market they are aiming for. Translation is one of the important factors in all activities between the two countries. Expertrans owned Malay translators team of experienced and quality today with many areas and different specialties.

Malay translation services
Perfect translation process
Expertrans proud to be one of the few translation companies to build detailed translation process to each stage and has been certified ISO 9001 2008. We have professionals, technicians and compile members are trained and adhere strictly to the translation process in order to bring the most accurate translation.
Applying modern technology into the translation process
Expertrans provider is a pioneer in the application of translation support software and document security. All our translators are trained and proficient use Trados or Wordfast software, tools that operate as banks specialized terminology translators were used during translation intended to ensure consistency in the use of terminology throughout the translation.

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Expertrans always ready to provide detailed quote for each customer’s documentation. Just call the number 04 7303 8899 or send a request and documents on email sales@expertrans.com


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